Positive changes are always driven by motivation and motivation comes through many forms, including some expected ones.

Today we have a story of a young girl who fought against obesity, slimmed down and shaped up looking amazingly gorgeous through motivation she sought from her social media account, Instagram.

Morgan Bartley

Morgan Bartley, the girl with obesity, became an overnight sensation after she used the platform for motivation.

The Instagram fame aimed to raise support as the constant push she needed for her weight loss journey.

Interestingly, her followers witnessed her step by step progress and ultimate transformation as she moved to a better her.

Once a big frame Morgan, now looks totally dashing and desirable.


As per the 20 years old, she has weight issues from the start however; nothing was serious by then.

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Unfortunately, Bartley was diagnosed with ovarian torsion in the early years of her teenage hood that resulted in the removal of her ovaries to some extent.

Years later, she had another surgery related to the other part of her ovary that ended up in the onset of menopausal signs to her.

It was then the life became full of challenges for the American native.

Her medical condition had a great toll on her mental health.

Like many of us, she wanted to live normal, enjoy herself and more importantly, have kids which she could not as the aftermaths of ovarian removal.

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All this put her into a depressive state and she, in an attempt to deal with her emotional problems, started to eat more and more. 

Her overindulgence intensified to such a level that by reaching the age of 17, she had put on an extra 60lbs to her 5’4” frame.

Morgan revealed that she would go to great lengths to overfeed herself and would eat to the point she feels ill.

With time and her overeating habits, Morgan Bartley weight reached closer to 300lbs!

Morgan Bartley weight loss

Thankfully, the girl was far sighted and so, she sensed the threats surrounding her.

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She feared losing everything in case she did nothing to overcome her eating disorder and more importantly, for her tons of weight.

Age: 20 years.
Height: 5.4 inches.
Weight before transformation: Near to 300 lbs.
Weight loss: Around 115 lbs.


The attempts to shape up were not new to the girl.

In fact, she has tried her luck many a times but in vein.

This time, she thought of something different and so, she decided to share her journey with people.

Her motive was straight, she wanted support, support that can keep her going and encouraged throughout the phase.

As per her plans, Morgan used to share every bit of her fitness to her followers, as well as the progression to a slimmer her.

Initially, she hired a trainer named Jami Klein.

Morgan Bartley before and after

According to Jami, Morgan was not really fond of exercises and was least connected to the gym.

She had no such knowledge on the training and needed professional mentoring for the right start. 

With the help of Jami, the girl started the most difficult battle of her life. Morgan Bartley workout, designed by her trainer, would take half an hour to be followed.

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Plus, she was advised to practice her sessions thrice every week in the initial run.

In addition to the trainings, she started keeping a closer eye on her diet.

She introduced more and more protein in Morgan Bartley diet and purged out the high carb foods at once.

Since the girl was full of passion fueled by her admirers on Instagram, she soon went down to a weight that was needed to meet the weight criteria for vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

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In spite of the surgery and other struggles against the excessive weight, things remain too challenging for the girl. But since she had this feeling of being answerable to her supporters, she kept her spirits high for the change.

As of today, Morgan has over 200,000 followers on Instagram for whom, the girl is a through and through inspiration!


Morgan’s journey that started from 300 lbs to coming down to a healthy weight is a ray of hope for overweight people.

Morgan Bartley weight loss photos

She is a fighter, a survivor that has set an example for people like her.

As of today, she wants to encourage others and help them live a healthier life like her.

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Once a carefree girl is now responsible for what she eats and how she loses the calories in the gym.

Her message is to love yourself and follow the habits that can add to your mental and physical health.

Check out Morgan Bartley before and after photos and ask yourself, if she can, why can’t I?

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